Anniversary Message – Apostle Dr. Amoani


Our dear church is one hundred years old. This indeed calls for celebrations to profoundly thank our God and to honour Him for His faithfulness, providence and guidance which have seen us through thick and thin to reach this far.

One Hundred years is a major milestone for any institution and the Christ Apostolic Church International is no exception. Our celebration is not so much a festivity but an occasion to say how grateful we are to our God Almighty and to solemnly pause and look ahead at the challenges we must surmount, valleys we must descend into and mountains we must climb. It is also an occasion to pay glowing tribute to our for-bearers particularly, Apostle Peter Newman Anim, the father of Pentecostalism in Ghana and the founder of our Great Church who was one time a prayer partner of the first President of Ghana Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

I must indicate that the dedicated and tireless effort of Apostle Anim has brought great revival to the body of Christ in Ghana. The works of Apostle Anim saw the springing up of many other churches notable amongst them being the Church of Pentecost founded by Rev. James Mckeown who on his arrival to Ghana in 1937 joined Apostle Anim to begin his missionary work. Other offspring were the Christ Revival Church and most recently the Christian Praise International Centre I must say the seed sown by Apostle Anim has yielded fruit to the Glory of God. The Christ Apostolic church has witnessed enormous growth in all the various sectors of our dear Church; including soul winning, church planting and financial output. The overall total membership of the church as at December 2016 stands at 1,314,017 and we have every cause to give praise to God Almighty.

We need to focus on Church Growth, Evangelism, Missionary Work, Christian Education, and the strengthening of our Prophetic ministry which constitutes the bedrock of our faith. Our fore fathers pleased God and became successful as we are witnessing today because they were Holy, united, and focused. They solemnly depended on the word of God and they held unto and trusted the word of God.

They played significant roles in bringing our dear church in the history of Christianity in Ghana and the World. It is now our turn to continue from where they left off. I hereby entreat you all, as a believer and as a member of this great church to in your own little way endeavour to propel the image of our great and almighty God and His church wherever you find ourselves. It is our time to leave a legacy and to make heaven hear of us. God, bless you.

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