Pages Of Life


Pages Of Life is a magazine written and printed by Christ Apostolic Church Media (CACMedia) to give Christians deeper insight into things of God. It is also meant educate the general public on practical life concepts to enrich their lives. And also inspire others with real life testimonies that will challenge your faith in God.

Christ Apostolic Church International introduces it’s second edition of the “Apostolic Voice Newspaper”. _NewspaperThe idea behind the newspaper and its publications is to inform members of the church of what is happening in the church and in the entire Christendom as well as presenting them with other relevant social news.
The first edition of this newspaper was launched on the 15th of May this year and upon it’s encouraging patronage by church members and the general public, the church has decided to release a new edition for the months of August and September 2014. To inform and educate not only brothers and sisters in the Christendom but also reach out to the general public with inspirational messages and the word of God.

The newspaper contains biblical messages, motivational messages from renowned men of God as well as relevant issues happening in the world. Meet several men of God address your spiritual and social issues, all in one newspaper. Grab your copy from the church’s headquarter at Osu behind the “kingdom Bookshop”.

Visit our General Headquarters at Osu-Accra and grab a copy!

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