The Chairman is the overall head of the Church. Reporting to the Chairman are the following:

  1. General Secretary,
  2. Field Director,
  3. Other Ministerial Directors (Christian Education, Missions, Evangelism, and Prophetic),
  4. Internal Audit Department,

The General Secretary is responsible for the administrative function of the Church with the following departments reporting to him.

  1. Administration and Secretariat Department
  2. Human Resource,
  3. Finance & Accounts Department
  4. Estates Department
  5. Information Technology Department

The office of the Field Director is responsible for ministerial functions and deals specifically with Territorial, Area, Circuit, District and Local Assembly issues. The field Director is responsible for monitoring and assessing the performance of these field units or assemblies. He is assisted by the Research & Statistics department to develop and issue field performance reports every quarter for EC deliberations. The report covers all the performance indicators on revenue (tithes, harvests, offertory, programme receipts among others), expenditures, programmes organized, soul winning drives, establishment of assemblies, logistics and construction activities.