The Church Administration Secretariat
Set directly under the office of the General Secretary, this department handles all official communication stemming from and coming into the Head Office. The secretariat is responsible for the preparation of annual General Council Reports.

•    Human Resource Department
The human resource department exists to attract, train and develop as well as to retain staff who exhibit a passion to work effectively, efficiently and loyally discharge their duties and responsibilities to further the mission of the Church.

•    Finance Department
The key functions of the department includes the receipt, custody and disbursement of Church funds in accordance with the financial policy of the Church and that of the state. It also prepares the final annual accounts, budget, income and expenditure and monthly cash-flow statements of the Church

Internal Audit Department
The Internal Audit Department monitors the day-to-day financial business of the Church and ensures that there is transparency and accountability at all levels of the Church’s administration. Thus the department is responsible for Pre-Auditing, Post-Auditing, Territorial Auditing and Internal Control Procedures.   The department also ensures that assets are properly acquired, adequately recorded and sufficiently protected.

Estates Department and Project development
The Estate Department exists to facilitate, Documentation (Property Sourcing, Acquisitions, Disposals), Maintenance (Electrical, Carpentry and Masonry), Property Management (Valuations, Renovations, Rentals, Janitorial Services) and protection of the Church’s landed properties and investment projects. The estate Department also undertakes commercial construction of canopies, steel gates, and burglar proofs for units of the church on request.
The Project Development Unit is responsible for development projects such as; Architectural Designing, Quantity Surveying, Construction and co-ordinates the execution of major Headquarters projects.

Transport Department the Department is responsible for the efficient, safe, and expeditious movement and handles the purchase and maintenance of official vehicles.

Information Management Department
This department is responsible for; Software development and maintenance, Website development and maintenance, Systems administration and support, Hardware maintenance, and Networking (including Wide Area Networking, WAN, for Territorial and Area Administrations. The Department offers training and technical support services to users. It also compiles and analyses statistical data on the Church; and processes the Church’s corporate memory