Launching of Centenary Celebration


Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI) has launched its centenary celebration dubbed: “100 years of impacting the world through Pentecostalism,” at a ceremony in Accra. The celebration also witnessed the launch of the CACI new logo.

Apostle Dr Stephen K. Amoani (Chairman of the CACI) called on Ministers of God to stop the monetisation of the word of God, inordinate materialism and insatiable desire for money and power by renewing their commitment to serve God. “Let us also re-examine our ways of life and rededicate ourselves to much more prayers and care for the flock.” Apostle Amoani appealed to government to appreciate the leadership skills of the youth and reactivate their involvement in the development of the country.

According to him, the youth are a vibrant force whose energy ought to be channeled to good and productive use. “Our youth need to be motivated to greater heights and be offered a better vision of themselves,” he said. The Chairman admonished the youth not to choose popular opinions and attitudes on things such as abortion, sexual immorality drunkenness.

He recounted that the country despite its economic emancipation and high morale standing it was still grappling with poverty and unemployment, youth indiscipline, morale decadence and deteriorating public service. However, he said all was not lost and urged Ghanaians to invoke the grace of God by living a “soberly and godly lives”

“If our politicians will think more about the welfare of Ghanaians interest and not of their personal gains and if Ghanaians will think of what they can do for Ghana and not what Ghana can do for them we shall overcome our current socio-economic difficulties,” he noted. Touching on the church’s centenary celebration, Apostle Amoani observed that the occasion marked a milestone in the history of the Church recounting its social responsibilities extended to the society.

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