Prayer As A Foundation For Agents Of Transformation



An agent is one who acts for or in the place of another, by authority from him, one entrusted with the business of another.
2 Corinthians 8:1-24. Titus and two others were tasked to complete a certain task.Christians are God’s special agents on earth, chosen by God to carry out His purpose on earth.
Exodus 19:6
1Peter 2:9

It is the lowest and supporting layer of a structure. A foundation must be:
• Deeply laid – Luke 6:48
• Strongly laid – Ezra 6:3
• Joined together by corner stones – Ephesians 2:20, Peter 2:6 , Ezra 4:12. As a Christians, Jesus Christ is our greatest foundation.
Isaiah 28:16, 1 Corinthians 3:11

It is an act, process or instance of transforming or being transformed. It is a marked change in appearance or character, especially one for the better.

Prayer simply means communication with God through Jesus. Prayer may be oral, mental, occasional, constant, instant or formal.
• It is beseeching the Lord. – Exodus 32:11
• It is pouring out the soul before the Lord. 1 Samuel 1:15
• It is seeking onto God and making supplications. – Job 8:5
• It is crying to God in Heaven for help. – 2 Chronicles 32:20
• It is drawing near to God and bowing down to Him in conversation.
Psalm 73:28, Ephesians 3:14
As agents of transformation, Christians are to seek the mind of God first in all that they do, so that God will lead them in the right way. For God is the true foundation of all that there is. Revelation 22:13

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